T-Kick Start

Idealabs startup workshops are ideal for graduates and budding entrepreneurs who are ready to kick start their entrepreneurial journey. These workshops boosts the positive attitude and willingness to build your product. We mentor you through an intense process where you learn what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. Our workshop is also geared towards startup teams that already have a well defined business idea. During this we emphasis the most effective techniques to conduct advanced user experiments to test your sales/marketing strategy.

Incubation for Startups

Idealabs playground is not just a co-working space. It goes beyond the traditional co-working spaces in terms of providing mentoring at every stage of your startup from idea validation to Product Architecture, from Go-To-Market strategy to Investment Pitch. Additionally, you get the wide ecosystem system support and access to niche events and meetups conducted by Idealabs.

Entrepreneurship at campus

Entrepreneurship is in the air! College Campus across India are buzzing with Entreprenurship.

At Idealabs, we have an elaborate framework to add wings to your startup dreams!!! Idealabs has a very well structured initiative Startup-On-Campus which helps colleges and their students to build their dream startup on campus.