Thought leadership holds the key to success in today’s world, especially in a field like Information technology where changes occur at the speed of thought. Creating the future is not easy. There are no smooth roads. No set standards to meet. No blue prints to follow. Thinking…Rethinking , Searching… Researching, Engineering… Re-Engineering becomes a way of life. Tossing somewhere in between the realms of dreams and reality, an IDEA takes birth !!!

At UPTEC IDEALABS, we endeavor to achieve and perfect exactly this – implementing solutions for a changing world. A glimpse of the future some may say. Achieving this is not an easy task. It requires a highly dedicated and talented engineering workforce with deep knowledge, multiple skill-set and the right attitude.

Our Mission

To work as a consulting partner with Governments, Policy Makers, Universities and Ecosystem in creating and implementing an Innovation and Entrepreneurship framework for college campuses across India

Our Vision

To be a Thought leader and Sutradhaar in changing the face of higher education and creating an independent, adaptive, innovative and entrepreneurial workforce.

Team Idealabs

  • Ravindra Singh
    Ravindra Singh
  • Pankaj Diwan
    Pankaj Diwan
    Managing Director
  • CV Singh
    CV Singh